rotary-type limestone crusher blocking material

Solution for the rotary-type limestone crusher blocking material SBM Our company's limestone primary crushing is a rotary crusher, which is averaged every day in the first few months of trial production. It will stop for more than 4 hours due to the crusher blocking material.

See the crusher crushing process. The main reason for the material stoppage is that too much accumulated material in the lower cavity of the crusher can not be discharged, and the moving cone is pressed against it, causing the motor to jump and stop. There are usually two situations in which the production of the jumper 1 is high, the slab conveyor is too late to pull away; 2 the downstream equipment stops and the crusher continues to break. Once this happens, it is necessary to clean up all the materials in the crushing chamber to continue the booting. It takes time and effort, and it usually takes at least 34 hours to complete.


In order to prevent the blockage, we have adopted a variety of solutions, and finally use the sound and light (alarm and light) indicators to directly guide the dumping, the effect is very good.

Since the running current of the heavy-duty slab conveyor under the crusher has a good correlation with the material in the lower cavity, and the current of the lower cavity body causes the crusher to jump, the current of the slab conveyor exceeds a fixed value. The peak value (38A), the no-load current is also a fixed value (18A). Therefore, according to the current characteristics of the slab conveyor, a solution has been developed. That is, an electric bell and an alarm flashing light are installed at the dumping port of the crusher, and are directly connected to the relay in the electric cabinet. When the panel conveyor reaches a set current value (such as 33A), the relay is closed, the alarm light starts to flash, and the bell It also rings. If the downstream equipment trips and the slab conveyor current is zero, the audible and visual alarms will also be prompted. After receiving the alarm, the mine car driver will stop the material dumping, thus preventing the material from being blocked.

The set plate conveyor alarm current value should be appropriate, not too low or too high. Too low crushing chamber will often break the material, the stone will be a seesaw conveyor; the setting is too high, the volume of the lower chamber is large, and the buffer space is not enough. If the downstream equipment fails, the crusher will easily block the material. Practice has proved that the set value of 33A not only ensures the continuous discharge of the crusher, but also leaves enough buffer space for the lower cavity of the crusher, which can effectively prevent the material from being blocked.

The method is simple, reliable, and low in cost. Since the implementation, the crusher has never been blocked, and it has also reduced the labor burden of workers and improved the production efficiency of the crusher.

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