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What are the types of counter-attack models? how to choose?

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the speed of the replacement of crusher equipment has also increased. As a second-stage crushing equipment with high usage rate, it has already developed from the previous single crushing to the current international level. Then, what are the types and models of counter-attacks that can be called under the line? How to choose?

First, counterattack the types and models listed

  • 1, the traditional PF series counterattack
  • This is a counter-attacking device developed in the early days, although it can be used to crush a variety of rock materials with a feed size of not more than 500mm and a compressive strength of less than 350MPa, but strictly speaking, for some high-hardness materials, such as: granite The marble is broken. It is not recommended to use it here. Because the PF series counters its lining, hammer and other wear resistance is not high, the cost of crushing high hardness materials is too high.

  • 2, the new German version of the counterattack
  • This is a new generation of impact crusher developed on the basis of the specific industrial and mining conditions of the domestic sand and gravel industry. Different from the traditional PF series, it adopts new manufacturing technology and unique structural design, which makes the processed products more cubic, no tension and crack, and good grain shape. Therefore, it is applied to various ores. Broken, railway, highway, cement, chemical, construction and other industries.

  • 3, mobile counterattack
  • This is a newly developed anti-breaking device for mobile work under the influence of the concept of flowing gravel. Its emergence not only eliminates the obstacles caused by crushing sites, environment, basic configuration and logistics, but also greatly reduces it. Pre-construction preparation is very helpful for improving work efficiency, so it was successfully captured by a large number of new and old customers.


Second, counterattack broken selection points

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the three counter-breaking devices have their own advantages and characteristics, so how to choose specifically, it is recommended that customers also need to choose according to the actual needs of their own enterprises.

Example 1: If you are processing low-hardness rock materials such as limestone and shale, and the probability of changing the field is not high, it is recommended to use the traditional PF series counter-breaking equipment to meet the production demand, and the price is relatively moderate;

Example 2: If you are dealing with materials such as granite and marble, and have high requirements on the output value, it is recommended to use the new German version to counter-break;

Example 3: If your site is small and the materials are scattered, you need to carry it back and forth. It is recommended to use the mobile counter-attack to save trouble and effort!

The above is a brief introduction to the counter-attacks of several classifications and selection points. If you need to know other information, please feel free to consult online. There are dedicated people to answer your questions in real time.

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